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Personalized medicine

SiLabo is a new quality in diagnostics.

Personalized medicine is tailor-made medicine, individually for each patient depending on his needs and condition, to achieve the intended therapeutic goal with minimal burden on the body.

Currently, it is also a very expensive therapy, not widely available, reserved for specific disease entities, but very effective wherever it is used.

Software as a service (SaaS)

A specialized device for medical doctors

Working 24/7

Otorhinolaryngologist- medical doctor, surgeon, practitioner, university teacher and scientist

prof. Maciej J. Wróbel

An otolaryngologist, head and neck surgeon at the Department of Otolaryngology Collegium Medicum Nicolas Copernicus University in Bydgoszcz in Poland. His primary interest concentrate on otology and rhinology, development of new technologies including machine learnings and artificial intelligence in the field of otolaryngology.

PhD in the genetics of hearing loss. Scholarship holder of the European Commission under the Marie Curie Fellowship Training Site „HEAR” and the German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD); deputy medical coordinator of the Newborn Hearing Screening Program in Poland (WOSP Program) in 2009-2013. He expanded his professional skills, among others, in the USA (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, House Ear Institute, Los Angeles, Germany (University of Tübingen, MHH in Hanover, Charite in Berlin), Switzerland (Zurich) and Belgium (Mechelen).

Targeted therapy

Advanced analytical technology.

The implemented project is based on the cytological assessment method, i.e. the analysis of cells present on the mucosal surface. The availability of the material and the non-invasiveness of its collection are key elements for the patient’s safety and comfort.

Thanks to the advanced technology of image analysis, artificial intelligence, neural networks and deep learning technology, there is a chance to identify other cell patterns, the existence of „peculiarities” in the recorded images, which are currently beyond the possibility of registering by the human eye during a classic, routine examination.

Digital analysis and the clinical picture of the disease currently goes far beyond what we evaluate as a standard – it is the future of diagnostics and this future starts now.

New possibilities

Analysis in few seconds.

Thanks to the possibility of a quick preparation of a cytological smear (disposable diagnostic kit) and digital image recording, the interpretation of the obtained material is automatic, obtaining a diagnosis within few seconds. SiLabo is an analytical tool based on artificial intelligence tools, indicating types of inflammatory processes of the nasal mucosa and possible directions of therapy.